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2023 Client Letter – Manning 2023 Client Letter – Manning
Dayton 937-898-3167    Sidney 937-492-0386

2023 Client Letter

It is time to begin gathering your 2022 tax information. We would like to send your 2022 tax organizer via email. The tax organizer contains 2021 tax information and can assist you in compiling your 2022 information. We do not require that you use the organizers, but they are available to you if you find them to be of assistance.

If you wish to receive an organizer, please contact us via email at, or phone call (937-898-3167), and let us know if you would like your organizer emailed, or if you would like a paper copy mailed to you. For security reasons, no Social Security numbers, birthdates or bank information will be listed within the organizer, and all email attachments will be password protected or sent via sharefile.

Due to the sensitive nature of the information, we recommend not mailing your completed tax returns to you. We recommend that you pick up your completed returns or that we email them to you (password protected) or via sharefile. Special mail services will be used for our out-of-state clients. In addition, if you have information to send us containing social security numbers, bank info or birthdays, visit our website and use the “upload files here” link.

As tax preparers, it is mandatory that we file federal and state returns electronically. If we have your email address on file, you will receive a confirmation when your tax return has been electronically filed and accepted. Tax returns cannot be e-filed until we receive signed authorization (Form 8879) from you. This form will be included with your copy of the completed return. Form 8879 should be signed and returned to our office within 3 days. It may be faxed, emailed or dropped off.

You may have recently received an IRS Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN). If so, a copy must be provided to us to electronically file your 2022 tax return.

Most city tax returns are required to be mailed. We will prepare the city returns with the related attachments, however it is your responsibility to sign and mail. Review your completed tax return packet with instructions. City ordinances have changed, if you owe more than $200 you are required to file estimated tax payments for 2023.

We look forward to seeing you within the next couple of months. Please make every effort to get your information to us as soon as you have it organized to avoid the last-minute rush. If you need an extension for your 2022 tax return, please notify our office by April 5, 2023. Extensions will no longer be automatically requested. You must contact us to request an extension.

The partners and staff at Manning & Associates CPAs, LLC would like to extend our appreciation for your continued business.

Dayton Office:
John M. Manning, CPA
Sandra L. Comer, CPA
Craig L. Steinke, CPA
John M. Keller, CPA
Austin Schroeder, CPA
Patrick Prenger, CPA
Tiffany Taylor
Michelle Easterling
Phuong Pham
Charlene Bruggeman
Loretta Burnette
Justine Kangas
Ashley Bradley

Sidney Office:
John C. Bensman, CPA
Craig L. Steinke, CPA
Lydia Looker
Patrick Prenger, CPA

Dayton Office
6105 North Dixie Drive
P.O. Box 13449
Dayton, OH 45413
Phone:      (937) 898-3167
Fax:           (937) 898-9202

Sidney Office
500 Folkerth Avenue
Sidney, OH 45365
Phone:        (937) 492-0386
Fax:             (937) 492-3262
Toll Free:   1-888-249-0494

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